Hunting lodge turkey

Company structure
Uk / Turkish company. 50/50 Mehmet and Paolo. We may need a third partner.
Between 700 and 1500 per hunter on a 3 / 7 days wild hog adventures
Self-service hunts with a guide 499£ / 3 days and includes a non English speaker local guide.
Airport transfer round trip 60£ and 20£ extra per person.
Sell of wild boar meet which depending on the volumes that we could achieve we could buy wild boar carcasses from other people and make containers full of wild boar for export.
Dogs will be fed with wild-boar meat

Affordable wild boar adventures
Istanbul and Adana city “hunting” tours can be arranged for clients.

Season the whole year
Not land costs
Potentially plenty of animals
Exotic by being in Turkey
Turkey yet to become a hunting destination

Outside the EU
Lack of qualified personnel
A bit too complicated access from Istambul

Set packages
3 or 7 days
Friday to Sunday (pick up Friday morning in Adana and returns Monday morning to Adana)
Monday to Thursday ( pick up Monday Morning from Adana Friday morning)
Seasons ( April to June) ( September to March) - July and August only 2 weeks per month open.
Hunting mode
Stalking with dogs (use dogs to track the boar sleeping)
Night wait in high chair (needs feeding)
Driven boars for groups of over 4 people
Self-catering with no dogs (basically give access to mountains and a guide) - 25% discount.
To make it happen
A) Establishing the legalities of the operation; including permits for customers to import their own guns temporarily.
B) Finding at least one reliable and knowledgeable person of the area who speaks English and can run the operation. £500/month basic please £100/250 for every happy customer. Signing a non-competitive agreement. This person has to put a property as a collateral as it will be managing big money in assets.
B) Finding a property to rent or buy on an exceptional location which needs to give that magical touch and would be the main point of sell. Property to be adapted with all necessary to hold 6 hunters. 3 double / twin bedrooms , one full WC and one separate toilet. Wood Heated and hot water running electric. Internet. Far from other houses and ideally with spectacular surroundings.
C) create a team of 10 dogs. At least 2 tracking dogs (smell and find) and 8 dogs for pushing boar for driven hunts.
D) Mitsubishi double cabin pick up leased.
Potential 2 quad bikes for second stage
E) Gear:
At least 2 rifles and scopes 3k/4K£
Dogs tracking systems 2/3k£
4 shotguns 2/3k£
Night vision and others 2k£
Dogs crates etc 1500£
Wild hog processing facilities crane and chiller 2000£
F) agents commissions and website and marketing (internet Adwords and hunting magazines) around £1k / Month. Hunting agents commissions take about 15/25% of what client pays.
Operational team:
1/2 hunting assistants full time £200 + £50/100 for each happy customer. Also open to receive customers tips which should range about £20 a day. 1 housekeeper part time to clean and cook 2/3 meals a day.
At least 4 other beaters to be hired on call for driven hunts paid by the day at £25 a day and receiving a monthly retainer of about £50 to attend when required.

Projected investment without the property
Legal research, Company set up and property finding research 2k
Recruitment and training head of operations and others 2k
Dogs > 1k
Gear > 10/15k
Car > ?
Initial marketing etx 2k
Between 15/25k without car and property would be needed to start this business.

Most likely we will have to get a third partner (professional hunter to set up and follow up with training etc) as I don’t think both of us can do.
If we add the car as a lease expense and the property as a separate investment; the above are the numbers we want to work with.
On a forecast of year one having 4 clients a month 10 months a year and next year at 6 clients and year 3 at 8 clients and year 4 at 12 clients and year 5 15 clients.
We can assume that year 1 we will turnover 40k, 60k, 80k and 120k respectively.

Month running costs should be around
Car 500
Head of operations 1000
Second in charge 500
House and food and keeper 1000
Our overheads should be around 3k a month of 36k a year

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