About Us

Welcome to Wild Boar Turkey

  We are situated in Wild Boar hunting territories in the beautiful Anatolia region of Turkey, benefitting from an abundance of Wild Boar and significantly low hunting pressure.

With the Turkish Wild Boar reaching up to 300kg in weight, you can benefit from trophies between 20 and 35 cm long. In the last three years we have seen an impressive average tooth length of between 21 and 23 cm, with each class of 25 to 31 cm.

The primary hunting area for wild boars is located in Anatolia, just a two-hour drive away from Adana. Overall, they occupy about half a million hectares of hunting land. The terrain is relatively hilly with mountainous areas containing pine, spruce and oak forests, with some juniper. To ensure hunters get the best possible experience, they may be sent to different territories on different occasions. This is subject to the weather conditions of the area.