Hunting Places

ANKARA Ankara is known to be the most peaceful city of Turkey. All of the Embassies, Government Buildings, more than 15 Universities are located in Ankara. Also hosting more than 30 5-star Hotels with so many night clubs give colour to its night life. Ankara is in 1 hour distance to best Wild Boar spots in Turkey.

KONYA Konya is know to be the oldest capital of Anatolian Turks. It has more than 1000 years of age. Konya is known to be the only and the best spot for Anatolian Wild Sheep Hunting in the world.

ANTALYA Antalya is the most touristic city of Turkey. You can enjoy 12 months of sun while going hunting Anatolian Ibex and Wild Boar at the mountains.


Mac Hunting has started its business new but the owners and the managers have been hunting for decades for hobby. The most important to start this business is to make the Turkish private hunting tourism sector more professional.

Our Honary President is Mustafa Mac. He has been hunting since 1955. He has a BS degree in Engineering from METU Ankara. And MS Degree in Engineering from Lund University, Sweden. He has been joining to some of our tours.

The Founder President, Atay Mac, is a 3rd generation hunter, spending most of his free time in hunting. He has more than 50 degrees in national and international competitions in Skeet Shooting and Pistol Shooting. He has a BS degree in Engineering from METU, Ankara and Masters degree in Business Administration from Koc University, Istanbul. He is operating five companies and six factories local and abroad in food and petroleum sector.